PWT (Pure Water Technology) is a company owned by a group of chemists and engineers specialized in industrial chemicals.

PWT is assisted by a group of field engineers, technicians and chemists, with great experience in different field. The majority of those chemists and chemical engineers are with great experience in handling the chemicals for different clients in Egypt. Our engineers are selected carefully to have good self-confidence with lots of technical and general knowledge.

PWT do direct sales as well as after sale service, through the well trained team that can do the required job in a good technical and professional manner.

PWT as a service company is well aware and committed to quality management as well as quality control, for this, client satisfaction as our goal.

PWT engineers are equipped with the most convenient and latest testing kits and equipments that enable them to get the most accurate and quick results required.

PWT aim to search and utilize the latest technology with lowest possible cost, that will be neglected on the economic results of the industry.

PWT is supported by highly sophisticated lab loaded with latest laboratory equipment that can prepare any tests required. Also, it is also supported with famous industrial certified labs that can give certificates for any required test.